Thursday, June 2, 2011


So You Think You Can Dance is absolutely amazing, one of my FAVORITE shows of all time.
Dancers just inspire me. I wish with all my heart that I could dance like them and maybe one day I'll take a class. (:

But anyways. haha The EMOTION that they convey through dancing is unbelievable. The joy, happiness, sorrow, heart break, love, and so on. Its all there on the stage. Personally, I love contemporary dancing. Its just beautiful. When they dance you just feel everything they're feeling and its truly a gift.

-Travis and Heidi's contemporary "Bench Dance" LOOK it up on youtube, its amazing. (:

SO, on that note. To any one that dances, whether you know how to dance or you just like having fun, hold onto that. If it is your passion, LIVE it. Hold it. Love it. Be it. Because like I said, its a gift. A true talent. So like they say, "Dance like no one is watching." Let us all be inspired.

Until Then.

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