Saturday, January 8, 2011


2010. I'm glad that year is done and in my past. I wouldn't change one minute of it because I grew SO much as a person. BUT it was so hard and I am moving forward, not looking back. I lost many people that were dear to me. The most I have ever lost in just a year. I grew so much closer to my family through my struggles and their strength. I graduated High School. Got into the YSA group. I met the greatest people which I now call my closest friends, I love them SO much. I had my heart broken and learned a thing or two about relationships. I grew in the gospel, with institute and the most amazing teacher helping my testimony grow each week. Ultimately, I learned that the LORD has a plan for EACH of us, even me, and I need to trust in Him with all i've got so I can fufill that plan. My heart is full of thanks for my family and my friends. Especially, those friends who I learned I could be completely close to and I didn't have to be afraid because they were ALWAYS there for me when I needed a friend the most. <3 SO, with that we go into the year 2011.

2011. This year will literally be the beginning of the rest of my life. I will begin to accomplish the many goals I have for myself and I'm ready. I can't even begin to express how excited I am. I get to start it all. I have a job that I will be starting and that alone is a HUGE answer to my many prayers. (: I will soon be able to afford College, and then I will REALLY be on my way. The Lord has opened my eyes and helped me to understand where I am to go. I am going. I am going with full force and with Him on my side. I just can't believe that I had to say goodbye to so many people...already! BUT it helped me realize what I want. I know (and knew) that I don't want to stay where I am at, there is more for me somewhere else. I will find out where that is. Whether, that is BYU-Idaho or a school closer to home. I will be there. You better believe me on that one. I heard from a few people, who take the time to listen to me instead of putting me down for not starting school yet, that THIS is my time to make mistakes. This, right here, is the time to find myself. Find out who I am, what I want to be, where I want to go. SO. Here I go, with this new found wisdom, into the rest of my life. Get ready for me world, because here I am.

If anyone at all reads this. I hope I was able to say something of worth for YOU. Because this is who I am.
later. <3