Saturday, June 4, 2011


I have all this stuff going on in my head but now...I can't seem to get it out right. Even that sentence took me a bit to write out. haha I'm serious!

I can't stop thinking about all the changes. my future. people. life. It is just all jumbled up in my head. Life is just so crazy and there are moments like now where I feel like I just need to take a step back and BREATH. Just. Breath. Which I am doing now. I watched a movie and just chilled out.

So. I will just list some of my thoughts out. Since I can't get them out into legible paragraph forms. haha

1. A few of my closest friends are leaving/moving away very soon.
2. I may have a shot at getting a job at Kohls.
3. Girl's Camp is coming up REAL soon and I have so much to prepare. I am SO excited to go.
4. My family is SO busy this summer. I won't even see my Mom or brothers for the entire summer.
5. I'm having problems STILL with BYU-I. Therefore, I'm looking into schools down here.
6. I had a moment today where I just wanted to break down thinking about stuff, but I didn't let myself.
7. Thoughts of saying goodbye scare me.
8. I'm still awake and have to wake up early. haha
9. I had someone completely make my day by telling me they think I am really pretty. That was just too nice!
10. I'll stop here before I go on and on forever. haha

So. Like I said, I'm just stumped. I think what I need is to just turn to my scriptures. I need something to help me get un-stumped. Un-stuck from these challenges and to help give me a little push forward. Thank goodness for the gospel. I just want to tell the WORLD how amazing it is to be a member of this true church. To know that I am going through some HARD times but I am never truly alone because I have my Heavenly Father and Christ with me always. Just a prayer away. It gives me great comfort in my times of need. I believe everyone needs to feel that.

Until Then.

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