Friday, March 23, 2012


Going to the temple is truly a blessing and definitely strengthens my testimony with each visit. Yesterday the most I got out of it was this. Be thankful for those who are by your side, who pick you up when you are down, and who would never let go of you even for a second.

I feel like I have been going through a good amount of hardships but I am so thankful to have people who care and love me by my side. I was thinking about people who can only see their side of situations. I had an incident this morning with that problem and it just frustrates me to no end. Especially with someone close who is supposed to be a support, who is supposed to listen to me, and I believe I'm done "supposing" those things because they obviously are not a priority to them. I just believe it should be in our best interest to learn to have more empathy, to feel more sympathetic, and to be more open. Being close minded never got anyone anywhere, really.

I was thinking about Joseph Smith and how much he was persecuted by close minded individuals, how the Saints had to leave their homes because of that, how to get some peace and be where they needed to be they would do anything for. I may not be going through what they had to but that doesn't make my trials nothings. They are still trials and they're mine. Mine to learn and grow from. I want to be like them through it all and going to the temple just reminds me of all that. It reminds me that I need to stay strong as they were. I mean, they walked miles and miles to not even get to a temple. They walked miles and miles so they could BUILD a temple. So that they could feel that joy, peace, and love. I want to make it a goal to just go to the temple more often. Even to just to sit there...I love feeling that peace that just radiates from that sacred building. Well, when I get back from Utah, that is one of my first plans. It really is.

Until Then.

p.s.! Just a picture from last night. ♥

Saturday, March 17, 2012


So much has happened and I am sad I have let my blog go a little bit. I feel like I've neglected my writing. haha Well, we're about to fix that.

A few things, big things, have happened since I last wrote. A lot of people and myself had to say goodbye to an incredible woman, Debbie. She was seriously an angel. Like, if I had to describe the most amazing woman it would've been her. She was so full of strength and love that even through her trials she was so full of light. I remember her in Young Women's and then before that in Achievement Days. Those were some of my best memories. So she is missed by many but we all know she isn't suffering anymore and is so happy. (:

ALSO! I got a letter from my best friend!! OH my goodness, it was seriously like one of the best days ever. FORreal. So Elder Ryan Johansen is doing great and he is more spiritual than ever. He is just enjoying his mission and all it comes with. It was so great to finally hear back from him so I am working on my letter right now as well. I also had a moment I guess. haha He said in his letter "stay beautiful" and it was like "awwwwwwww" my best friend said I'm beautiful. haha It was the greatest and I can't wait to get mine out and his in return.

Now, for the main even, Lia is home!!! Ah! I got to see her last night and it was like no time had past. We were back to laughing and talking like she had never left. Oh, its so good to finally say hello to someone again instead of goodbye like I have been. It is so great to have one of my best friends in the whole world back. I love it! (: She has made me so proud and I am so thankful for her example to me.

Well, Scott and I are doing just greattttt. He is a prefect gentleman still and I've fallen so hard for him. I even got up to bear my testimony because I promised him I would and I have a testimony but getting up to share it is quite scary. BUT! I knew he was right there and my fear went away allowing the spirit to enter and fill me with the right words and a clear mind. The Lord truly knows who we need in our lives and when. ♥

Lets see. Oh yes, this year I have been called to be a MAC again at Girl's Camp!! I'm so excited. It really is such a blessing to have that opportunity to help girls, grow spiritually, and love every minute of it. I can't even wait. (:

Now, a serious thing that I will only touch on is the car accident I got in back in December. She is saying its my fault and claiming a lot. So, we're working on it. I can only think about how strength is smiling through the struggles and, if you learned anything, thanking the Lord for them after. So through this I may feel as I have lost my voice or my opinion or I may be confused but I know the Lord has control of the situation and it will all work out. It will.

Work is also going just fine. I will be trained to be a team trainer soon for when we hire new people for summer and trained for guest services. That one should be interesting. haha Oh well, I say, bring it on! I'm just wanting to focus on the positive in life and the things I can control versus what the Lord is in control of. This year has already been a big one and it has just begun. (:

Until then.