Thursday, May 26, 2011


This is just on my mind right now. I want to clarify that I am HEALTHY. I eat all the time, I eat junk food just like everyone else, enjoy healthy foods very much, and I'm just naturally "skinny". It just bugs me to have some people be on me all the time about stuff like that. Yeah, maybe they are joking or that's how they show they "care" but it gets old REAL quick. Let me tell you.

In this world its hard to NOT to be conscious about your body or how you look. Its ridiculous. The need to work out more than you eat, to be on crazy diets, to restrict yourself from foods, etc. Its just insane! I don't see why we can't all just eat healthy, work out at a normal amount, and be happy with the way we look. We all may have insecurities over different part of our bodies but we need to banish them. We need to stand up and not let people point them out to make us feel inferior or like we must change. When someone teases you about your body or whatever, put them in their place by saying, "Yeah, don't I look great?" or "Leave me alone. I love how I look." I don't care what you say but don't let anyone make you feel uncomfortable about how you look. I know, its hard! Its hard to feel completely confident about yourself all the time, I know. BUT it definitely is worth your effort to try. Just be happy.

One day last year, after a long day and a morning of strenuous activity, I passed out. It WAS scary. So, I know that a few people haven't let that go and just see it as I need to eat more. Even though it was LAST year and I don't do that kind of crazy running every day. Its just...oy. It gets to me. Like I said, they are joking and its all funny. But seriously, its pushing it. I do not like the constant reminder, the random times that someone says, "WELL what did you eat today?" blah. blah. blah. Give it a rest and let me be my skinny self that likes yoga and loves junk food as much as I love my veggies and fruits. Thank you.

So ladies, young and old, like my favorite mormonad says: BE YOUR OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL. "...The Lord seeth not as the mas seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart." - 1 Samuel 16:7. (: Do not change for anyone unless its for yourself and to be a better YOU. For we shouldn't care about what other's think about us but how we feel about ourselves...and ultimately, how the Lord sees us. We are daughter's of our Heavenly Father. He loves us no matter what. Stay strong, put a smile on your face, and stand up for yourself. This world is a big critic and sometimes we are our biggest critics. However. Be your own kind of beautiful, be at peace with yourself, and know you are perfect in His eyes. Hopefully, one day the way girls/women look will not be the main focus in society and everyone can learn to just LOVE themselves however they may appear to the world.

Until Then.

p.s. On this topic, there is a great movement/company called "Healthy is the New Skinny"-- look it up! Brilliant posts, blog, pictures, and so on. They've nailed it! Its all about just feeling healthy and loving yourself just the way you are.

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