Monday, June 13, 2011


In a talk today at church a Sister spoke about how the world basically revolves around this idea of peace, finding peace, being peaceful...Peace.

In this world where trials come constantly, heartache happens daily, friendships and families break, and all the other terrible things that go on I can see why we all hold on to the idea of peace. My best friend also spoke, he spoke about overcoming trials. The key to overcoming trials is truly the gospel.

I feel so extremely blessed to have the gospel in my life. Life gets gets dark, cold, and dreary sometimes but it doesn't have to stay that way. Through this gospel, my spirit is lifted constantly. I feel like I learn something new every single day.

With that, another Sister spoke of talents. Learning new talents, helping old ones grow, and so on. Every day I learn more about what I'm capable of but sometimes I can't come up with my "talents". But. In this moment, I know I have a talent...a gift even, the gift of empathy. I feel like I can talk with people so well and comfort them because I FEEL what they feel. When others hurt, I hurt with them. When others are so joyful they want to yell it to the world, I yell with them. I am blessed. AND so are each one of you. Each one of us have talents that are waiting to be discovered. That are waiting to be practiced. That are OURS. Find your talent and don't be afraid of it.

Now, back to peace. The world so desperately wants to find peace but really, each one of us needs to find peace WITHIN us. We face new problems, new battles you could say, each day. I feel so strongly that with the gospel those times can be overcome and we can feel that true peace within our souls. Our souls. That's deep! But its true. Its OK to feel like broken down and all those other hard feelings we as humans feel but what is not OK, is letting those feelings over take us or just stay there wallowing in them. We should always be striving for peace. Striving to feel pure joy and happiness. Striving to feel complete and whole, happy with ourselves.

So, always strive for peace. When you feel peace, hold onto it. Hold onto it for dear LIFE.

Until Then.

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