Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Today was SO good. So last night I made up my mind that I wanted a day to sleep in and so I gave Mom (with plenty of warning) her job back. Her job that she made mine for some time now. So, I put a sign on my door that said "Don't wake me up. Mom is taking you to school today. Thanks." hahaha It worked! I got to sleep in and then woke up around 9 feeling all sorts of refreshed. I called Scott shortly after to say good morning but Dylan answered. haha He was trying really hard to sound like Scott but I knew it was him. I'm gonna miss that kid! Anyways, so then I talked to Scott and my day instantly got a million times better all before noon.

So then we actually got to IM each other for a bit after he had finished breakfast. I uploaded pictures, started my letter to Ryan, went on Tumblr, finished my show, ran around the house, and had chocolate chip toaster waffles! Again, all before noon. (: haha It was a very productive morning.

I picked the kids up from school around 3. After that, I took Zack to get some new shoes, checked out the Best Buy that is closing, went to Target, had an ICEE (that we made a total mess of) with a pretzel, and had a great time. haha It really was fun! I always have a good time talking and hanging out with him. Even though half the time I have NO idea what we are talking about. haha

We got home around 5ish and got ready for institute. Taylee went with me tonight so that was cool. The ride to institute was a blast. I finally get to be that cool sister that drives. haha We get to sing as loud as we want and just have a great time. Institute was good as usual, just missing the best teacher in the world AND it was so weird not to be sitting next to Scott, who would be next to Dylan, who would be next to Yuko...that will take some getting used to. After that, we went to Nubi! SO delicious. Anyways. On the way there we were dancing to who knows what in the car and I look over to see a car full of my friends waving to me. hahahahaha OH boy, I'm just glad I don't get easily embarrassed anymore. It was just plain fun. (: We got home and put in Pocahontas but Tay fell asleep and I paused it to write this...and talk to Scott. haha

This was definitely a day that needed to be noted. It was just an all around fun day with my siblings. We had a lot of laughs, good fun, and a nice time.I love them so much. I also love Scott SO much and am pretty excited to see him again on Thursday...I don't know how we are going to do 2 whole years when we've only been apart for 5 days and it feels like foreverrrrrr. haha BUT! The Lord is on our side and I know we'll be just fine. (:

Until Then.