Sunday, June 19, 2011

Eric's Turn.

SO. Another missionary is heading off, my best friend, Eric. So it is his turn to have a post. (:

Last night was his final get together and it was just a lot of fun. No tears (until the very end. haha). We always have great times and somehow seem to always have an adventure, last night was no exception. haha It was just wonderful to get everyone together to see this great guy off. He is serving in Boise, Idaho. It may not be half a world away but for 2 whole years, I'm sure it will feel like it. haha

Eric, you're going to be a wonderful missionary. I'm grateful for being able to have you in my life and all the memories we have shared all the way up until last night. You're full of wisdom, understanding, and experience. There is no doubt in my mind that you will serve with all your might, mind, and strength...that is just how you are. You have a STRONG testimony and you are bold, which means I am sure you will never be afraid to bear it. Along with that you have such a willing heart, you'll share the gospel with SO many and change a lot of lives. I see all the love you have in your heart and its a wonderful thing, share that with all you come in contact with.

Stay strong out there.

So, although this is one of THE hardest goodbyes and the hardest goodbye hugs to get through, how wonderful of an example it is to see all these great young men go out and serve the Lord. Leaving everything behind for 2 years. BUT to see that once all the worldly things are put aside, you learn and grow so much. Always rely on the Lord. He is always there for each one of us and will NEVER fail us if we just try our best. So Eric, try your BEST out there. I'm gonna miss you.

See you in 2 years. (:
Until Then.

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