Saturday, April 28, 2012


So, I am just going to take this post day by day since its been a while.

Well. I got to go to Utah with my family and it was so worth taking off work without pay for a week. (: I couldn't imagine having to miss that. I've missed them so much! My Grandparents turned 80 and so that was a blessing to go to a party for them. I got to see just about everyone in my family, even those I hadn't seen in a while. It was nice. ALSO! Scott got to meet my family. He was up there with Dylan and Yuko. OH my goodness. To see my whole family accept him was so amazing. They absolutely love him. He just fits in so nicely. We also celebrated 2 months together up there.

Lets see, I got a $.07 raise. :D haha Its all about the little things. I still am dealing with car accident stuff. Its been a hassle and stressful but I guess I am meant to learn something from it. On a better note, I am going to be a MAC this year again!! I am so excited. Its going to be amazing to be up there again and shaping these girls into wonderful young women.

SO in even bigger news. Scott said he loved me on Monday, April 23rd. ♥ We seriously had both been kinda tip toeing around the words "I love you" for...a while. haha BUT finally, he said he need to read me something. So as we sat there laying together he read me this beautiful poem and the last line said "I'm in love with you". Ahhhh, all I could do was smile and yeah, just smile. I was so happy. So, I found a pen but it was dead so he got me a marker. I got the marker and wrote "♥ I love you too." on his chest. (: It was the cutest darn thing. Now I just want to tell him all the time why I love him and how much.He kissed me in the rain on the 25th and the next day we celebrated 3 months together. We saw "The Lucky One" and just had a really nice day together. I honestly can't imagine being happier. He has also started his mission papers and I already know this is going to be hard. Like, I thought saying bye to my best friends was hard...well, this is going to be a whole different kind of hard. However, I can't even begin to describe how PROUD I am of him and this decision. I'm in love with an incredible man. I am. (:

More news, my friend Brian is engaged. I seriously have like 6 weddings that I could be going to this year. Its insane! Something is in the air, I believe it. haha

Oh! Easter, was really good. Spent the day with family and Scott of course. I had the day off and it was such a blessing to have that day off and a Sunday off in general! We did baskets (even Scott, he had never had one before!), had a wonderful time at church, and so on. It was a great day.

Yep, so thats life right now. Its tough at times but when I see Scott or friends and family I just remember why I love life so much and see the bigger picture. Its a big world out there and I am a part of it now so I'm just living day by day.

Until then.