Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A soft spot. College News. and more...

SO. Today someone was asking a friend and I how we were. She said good and told about her day. This individual that asked us went on after her to say 'and nothing new with you since you were home all day' and something about how I shouldn't be tired because I didn't do ANYthing as usual. WELL. I know this person probably did not mean it in a "mean" sense but it sure sounded mean. I had a busy day today!! Just because I don't work yet and am not going to rcc does NOT mean I just sit around all day being lazy. This person sure hit a soft spot and I sure hope it does not happen again. I am trying everyday to find work and plan on going to school. It just really bothered me. /:

COLLEGE! I received a letter today from BYU IDAHO. Yep, I wanted to go to Provo but could not get straight in. /: So. New plan. (: The letter said I am to start...in SEPTEMBER. :D I swear to you, besides money, the only thing that scares me is the weather! Haha I hate the cold. HATE. IT. haha However, this is my only option and a very good one. I will somehow be able to afford it this time and I just need to depend on the Lord to help me through. (: so there is my big news. :D

My mom's party is Saturday. I hope people show up! Haha I am SO excited. There is a lot going into this so I hope it goes well and that SHE has fun. (:

So some nights like tonight, I have to just sit and listen to my soft church music because I have so much going on I my mind. The song I am listening to now is THE best. Its called, "I will Rest In You". It starts off like this, "Lord I'm in the dark, seems to me the light is dead when I start calling, no one there, the sky is falling, Lord I need to know, my mind is playing games again, you're right where you have always been, take me back to you..." It is a beautiful song. There are times where I feel as if I am alone. Even with all my friends I just sometimes feel out of the loop with them or as if I am alone. I know it is not true but I can't help but feel that way sometimes, like today. I know though that through these feelings I see that I can rest in the Lord because HE is ALWAYS there by my side. To hear my prayers that includes tears, fears, and everything else. Lord, "I will rest in you..."

Well. One more thing. I am so glad my spiritual thought went so well yesterday! (: I was honestly so nervous. haha But the people who were there told me it was great. I am glad I was able to touch their hearts with something that touched mine so greatly. <3

I shall continue my 30 day challenge tomorrow. This post is long enough. haha
Until then...

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