Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 1: A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

Since the day is still young, i'll describe yesterday. (3-8-2011) haha It wasn't very eventful and now I wish it was so that this would be more interesting! haha I just hung out at home all day doing multiple things. I continued filling out Toy's R Us' application, watched one of my favorite shows, did a TON of chores, and hung out with the family. I got dressed and ready to go to institute AND thats where my day became good. I have to go early since its across town and my Dad has to be back here by the same time Institute starts.(7:00) Because I am early, it gives me time to just sit by myself with my I-pod and read the scriptures. Last night I read many scriptures about affliction, prayers being answered, and letting my heart be not troubled. I didn't really search for just kinda turned out that way. (: Funny how the Lord works and helps us find what we need to hear. Then Institute started and we had a great lesson. WELL. Shaila is amazing so we ALWAYS have great lessons. <3 After institute everyone split into their correct spots so we could sing "Strong and Courageous". A BEAUTIFUL song by Jenny Phillips. Look it up. We'll be singing it for a fireside coming up. It just sounds great. The men in our YSA group are just amazing. When they sing about the priesthood and all that, I get the chills. THEN when we combine, women and men, the spirit that enters the room is so touching that it brings a tear to your eye and a warmth to your heart. Truly the highlight of my day. After institute, I returned home. I then talked to the same friends I had seen and helped them all through something that had become bigger than it really was. I then went to my room so that I could write a letter to Drea. (: MAN. I miss her so much!! So she has a 4 page letter coming her way. haha After I wrote that I got ready for bed. Exhausted, I fell asleep quite quickly last night. Thank goodness. haha WELL. There was my day.


  1. Sounds like you had a great day! Thank you for your kind words, that made MY day!!! I am so excited to hear the choir sing too, ya'll will prob make me cry! :) I really really wish I would have gotten a pic of you laying on the stairs with your ipod and scriptures, it would have made a great pic! Maybe next week! :)
    LOVE YOU!!! (PS good luck at Toys R Us)

  2. It was! haha You are SO welcome! You deserve EVERY kind word I could think of. (: Aww, well that means the spirit will be strong! Ah, well. I will be there next week. Same spot. hahaha Love you too!! AND thank you! (: