Friday, March 11, 2011


Her eyes have opened, she now can see. She realizes that this will never go anywhere. They're great friends, that's all they can be. He will never know he hurt her. He will never know she cried and that her heart was broken because he could not give it a shot. She has realized its a "yo-yo" crush. An up and down...up and down...kind of crush. She has come to see that it is not meant to be and she is alright. She feels relieved that her heart is freed from his grasp and opened to others again. She is growing stronger with each passing day. The feelings she had will be no more. He will grow up. He will continue to move on with his life, unaware to her past feelings for him. Who knows if he actually had feelings for her. If so...its too bad. Maybe in the FAR future if paths are crossed and something sparks...maybe then. BUT. Now, she says goodbye to that chapter in her life. Hello to continuing their great FRIENDship. She says that she is free.
That "she" is me. I am free. (:

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