Friday, March 25, 2011

The Light of Christ.

In institute I always try to take notes and my notes this week were pretty awesome BECAUSE the lesson was absolutely perfect. I did not write nearly all that I wanted to. I drew a picture, because I doodle on everything haha, but it turned into something more than just a doodle. :D

SO. The sun represents the Light of Christ. The clouds and lightning are the trials, turmoil, and just ALL the bad stuff that happens to us during our lives. The flower represents us. I drew a FLOWER because they're beautiful and each one of us has a beautiful soul. Also, because they grow and push through all the bad weather. Connecting all that is rain. I see the rain as not only OUR tears that are shed through these hard times BUT the tears of our Savior. He truly did feel and STILL feels every pain, every heartache, any and ALL suffering we go through.

I came up with all of this in that amazing institute class. True inspiration comes when you are standing beside the Lord, feeling the spirit completely swell within you. I firmly believe that.
"If we still see the light of Christ through all the trials and turmoil in this world then through His light we can grow stronger everyday." My quote of the day. (:

Through the light of Christ and the atonement, we can be made better. We all struggle, make bad choices, go through heartaches, are confused, and more. BUT we also can all enjoy the little moments, be happy, love with all we have, serve others, and SO much more. There is always going to be hard times but with the right attitude they can turn out just fine. Just remember that you are never EVER alone, the Lord is always right there....waiting for you to see that He STILL has his arms outstretched for you to take hold of.

I believe my life is a journey, a test of my faith...and i'm just getting started. <3

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