Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 4 – A photograph with your best friend. (my great friends too.)

I have a few BEST friends. (: Lisa and Ayumi. These girls are amazing. We have known eachother since middle school. I met ayu when she returned my ugly sweater. hahaha and Lisa I didn't think I was going to like her! haha BUT then we became best friends, just like that. THEY are awesome. We need to get together real soon because I miss them like crazy. Tongs will forever make us laugh. We have had some great times together. I trust them both with my life, they are the best. I'm truly blessed by them. (:

Me and Kelly have been BEST friends for 10 years. We did Girl Scouts together. We have had some FUN times! haha I can't even begin to list all of our many memories. I love her SO much and trust her completely. Its hard to find people you just instantly click with and still click with YEARS later. But we've made it and I love her to pieces. Hurt her and I will seriously hunt you down and hurt you more. She is amazing and my best friend in this crazy world. I'm so lucky to have her as my best friend. (:

Me and DREA! [holy moly batman!] Ah, we have had some great times and in not a LONG time. I met her just last year. We used to have the BEST late night convos. haha She had me laughing into pillows at one time because I needed to be quiet and couldn't stop laughing! hahaha She amazes me with her drive, faith, and strength. I miss her EVERYday because she moved to Maine but I swear our friendship has grown stronger. I love her and I'm glad we're best friends. (:

Me and Lia! She is my SISTER. Not really but yeah. She is the best. Right now she is serving a mission and I miss her! She is doing a wonderful job and reading her e-mails just make my day! She is the best. We also met just last year and I feel like I've known her FOREVER. <3

The guys! SO. Greg here was my Dance Festival Partner and that is how we met. He asked me to be his after his quit and mine broke his arm. It was THE best. (: He is really awesome! Now he goes to college and whatnot but its crazy how when we get back together its like no time has gone by and we're back to the way it was before. He is pretty great.

Now. Ryan, we met last year at the beginning of summer. I can talk to this guy about ANYthing and he does the same to me. He is TRULY one of my greatest guy friends that I've ever had. FORreal! He is WAY nice and I feel like as friends we definitely compliment each other. I'm glad that we've become so close, I trust him completely. AND he makes things a whole lot of fun. I know I can always count on him to have my back. (:

Taylor. He likes to party. (; hahaha We met the summer of Dance Festival as well. He is Greg's best friend. He is the life of the party! I love his comments that he makes and he is going to be going on his mission here soon. He is a great guy and I'm glad we're great friends!

Brian is a good friend, met last year. He is the end of a lot of jokes but he's a good guy. haha Definitely makes things interesting! He is really good with the scriptures and whatnot so its good to know I can come to him when I need something like that.

Lets see. This is a way old picture, but me and Eric. We have had some good times. I met him when he returned from Kosovo last year. He has pretty much always been there for me, since I met him. He is slightly unconventional but awesome. haha SO. I'm glad to have him in my life. I know he's there for me as I am there for him. Its going to be wierd when he isn't here for 2 years BUT he is going to be a GREAT missionary. (: WELL. Anyways, he is a great friend that no one can take away or replace because we've been through a lot and i'm thankful for that. (: AND of course Kylie. We have been through a LOT too. She tells me everything and I tell her everything. I trust her completely. We've had some pretty BOMB summers together! haha She is another friend that even though we don't see each other like EVERYday its like we do, we just pick up where we left off. Its all good.

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