Monday, March 21, 2011


So my Mom's birthday party was on the 19th. It was a BLAST! OH. my goodness, I can't explain how amazing it was. I am so thankful for the friends I have that I can count on to be there for me, they helped out so much!(: Dallin, Phil, Tori, Kelsey, Terry, Lisa, April, Landon (for djing), THANK you guys! :D

ANYways, I had somewhere to be in the morning. I helped, along with the lovely Gina, at the activity for the girls in the stake. It was fun! :D Painting nails and making lip gloss. I got home around noon and then we started setting up. We had balloons, streamers, lights, and more! Then we put out the food and whatnot. I hadn't eaten like ANYthing except half a piece of pizza SO Terry was wonderful and went to grab some pizza! It was SO good! After we all ate, I realized it was almost 5 and the DJ was supposed to be here! SO. April took Mom out of the house. But he wasn't showing up! I was freaking out. haha FINALLY, close to 7 (mom was upstairs now) He came!
So I had been getting ready so I went to go finish and then Mom was putting her whole get-up on and people were showing up! Talk about being on time. (; haha
Mom came down all dressed up! :D Then I gave everyone wristbands that i wrote "Party Like a Rockstar" on! AND glasses! MOM then was told that someone needed her outside SO she came on out. The look on her face was AMAZING! I wish I had the camera for THAT! So there was dancing, food, gifts, glow sticks galore, bop it, black ops, guitar hero, and more. We also had a pretty SWEET cake. So we all got to sing happy birthday to her. (: It was fantastic, the whole night. SO they say a picture is worth a thousand words, well...i have 132 AND videos. Those will speak for the rest.
here is the link for ALL of them:!/album.php?fbid=191217917582008&id=100000814031558&aid=36601
I'm trying to post pictures on this post but its being retarded. /: Later! I will finish! (:

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