Thursday, August 4, 2011

Surf Open.

IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! haha Seriously. So yesterday (August 3rd) I got to go to the U.S. Surf Open with Momma J, Ryan, Julie, Brian, Cara, and Kyle. There were booths, BMX was going on, the surfing was happening all day, this fashion show thing, free stuff to win, people slapping eachother's sunburns for T.V. haha, and more!

We left SUPER early, like before 6. Insane! haha I slept like the entire way there. So we got there and had a great parrking spot, didn't have to walk too far. It was fun to be there early and walk around before the crowds. I enjoyed it. (: We also met up with Haley and Landon when they finally got there.

-being with awesome people.
-eating PB&J instead of spending money on food. haha
-taking sweet pictures.
-surfing competitions...and the surfers especially. (:
-napping on the beach.
-walking around the booths.
-having fun in the parking lot.
-great jokes.
-the BMX stuff was insanely cool.

-I lost ALL MY PICTURES that I had taken! ): I'm incredibly sad over it. /:
-Nasty people.
-The sunburn I got on my shoulders. haha

So, the things I love about yesterday out weigh the things I disliked which makes it a pretty awesome day in my book. haha Now, I hope I can go Friday with my sister. (:

Until Then.

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