Thursday, August 25, 2011

Get Away.

So I have been in Utah (officially) since Tuesday. It has been the best. I cannot tell you how great it has been to just get away from everything going on back home. I have to say, it has honestly been wonderful.

I have just tried harder while being up here to get back to the basics. Pray every morning, read a few verses, and then each night I study and read my scriptures once again. I can see the difference! I usually try to do that in the morning but it usually doesn't happen or its rushed. Well, being up here I have just made time to do it and then start the rest of my day.

I surprised my Grandma and Grandpa Jenson on Wednesday, the 25th, it was great! EXCEPT, they honestly did not recognize me! hahaha It was hilarious. It took my Grandpa a minute to figure out who I was. Anyways, it was great to visit with them and to see how they are doing. I really cherish each minute I have with them. It is great to just sit there and chat with them. To talk about the garden, the "hot" weather they have had up here, my Grandpa's storage units, and the latest thing they canned. Whatever we talk about, my stuff or theirs, I just love it.

Just being up here with my family makes me extremely happy. I have been offered to stay up here in my Grandma's house. I cannot say that I have not thought about it! I so have. I can get a job up here, get my license, have access to a car, and such. It could be really good! However, if I did it...I wouldn't move up until after October 19th and I would stay until I go to school in April in Cali. I really do want to go to school there! I just have to get the applications done and whatnot. So that is on my to do list. (:

Just having people offer me places to go to get my life going makes me so appreciative if it all. I even was offered a room in Tennessee with Sarah and can get a job out there! So. What to do...what to do. I obviously want to get out of Moval. So one of these offers could be what I am supposed to do.

In short, this "get way" has been great. It has been just what I needed. I feel bad because I honestly haven't missed too many people back home. Just because when I go on "vacation", I leave everything back at home. I come here to give all my attention to family and to focus on what I need to do. It may sound mean but its only because I know I will see everyone soon! AND I only see my family up here every once in a while. So. Yeah, its has been real good.

This get away has been good...and it isn't over yet. (:

Until Then.

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