Sunday, August 14, 2011


You have no idea how much I miss you. I try not to talk about you to other people because I don't want it to seem like anything more than best friends (and unfortunately, people talk) but I wish I didn't just have to keep it all in.

I miss seeing you all the time. I miss laughing with you over everything. I miss just hanging out with you doing whatever. I miss the no-questions-asked-attitude when I needed saving. I miss the look in your eyes when you smiled. I miss the random topics you came up with to talk about, your stories, and your RANDOM rants. haha I miss your jokes. I miss going to the park with you. I miss your advice. I miss your singing. I miss our random adventures like ones we had at Walmart. haha I just miss my best friend.

I just really miss you. I tried to not think about it, deny it even. But now I've realized what is the point in that? There is no reason to deny it because its true and it will just eat me up if I do deny it. So. I'm done, if I get asked about you, I'll tell them how you are and simply say that I miss you. There, I said it. I miss you. 'I didn't realize until you were gone, how many pages of my life you were on'. It is weird not having you here. It is weird not being able to talk to you at any time of day or night.

So, I am thankful for not being completely cut off from you. I'm thankful for the great but slow communication we are allowed to have. I look forward (so far its been consistent) to every other Saturday. When I see something for me in the mail box because in that moment I feel like you're closer to me. In that moment, its like you're talking right to me. In that moment, missing you gets easier. Hopefully that can continue everyday, where I feel like missing you isn't so hard and you'll be back soon.

Until Then.

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