Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Ok! SO. I'll start with talking about last Friday, August 5th. (Zack's birthday and THE SURF OPEN!) haha Well since Zack was still up the mountain, me and Tay celebrated by going to the beach. haha It was SO much better than the first day we went. More crowded, but more fun. (:
Likes! :
- Got lots of pictures!
- Watched surfing and skate boarding.
- JIMMY EAT WORLD concert! HOLY fricken moly. It was great. haha Brian and David even picked me up at one point. :D So I could see. (but not by my own will. haha)
- Running around winning stuff.
- Taking Tilly's photo booth pictures with Ryan.
- Getting stamped and temporary tattoos.
- samples!
- The weather was perfect.
- Went with GREAT people!
- Seeing people in wheelchairs be able to surf because others are willing to help them. AMAZING.
- Won a Pacsun tank-top. :D
- Got a nice tan.
- Had a great time with my sister and she had a blast!
There are no dislikes about that day, only more things I liked. It was SO awesome. I want to try to go more days next year. (:
So yesterday, I went to the beach with Ryan and Kelsey. It was a great day. (until I got home.)
Today, I went to the beach again with a great group. Shelby, Kelsey, Phil, John, Allen, and Paige. SO much fun. AND they all learned that I'm a lot stronger and quicker than I appear to be. (; haha
I have learned recently that the longer you stay strong, bottling everything up...the longer the break down will be.
I have learned that the people closest to you can hurt you the most.
I have learned that in order to get closer to someone, you might have to separate yourself from them.
I am learning that some relationships are just can't be fixed. or at least, not at the moment.
I am learning that I just need to keep holding onto my goals and try to reach them...and not let ANYone tear me down.
Let me also say, missing someone that means so much to you never really gets easier. Some days are just definitely better than others. But when you're going through a hard time and you think about them FIRST, you know you miss them. It is the moments that are hard to handle. Not being able to talk to them face to face. Not being able to get that amazing hug from them that makes everything feel better. Not being able to hear their advice on the stop. Those are the moments I have sometimes and in those moments, missing this person literally hurts.
Now. Another thing, I'm not a super quiet person...believe me. Just in new groups I tend to hold back a little bit but I'm not a mute! haha I will get louder the more I am around you, especially my laugh. haha I enjoy listening just as much as I enjoy talking. (:
I am thankful for Aloe Vera Gel. That stuff is AMAZING. Man, I have just gotten burnt the last couple of weeks and I don't want to that stuff is my best friend.
By the way. I am getting my life together. I don't just go off and "party" all the time. I was told by someone close to me "When are you going to stop partying and gallivanting around and get your life together?" RUDE. Coming from someone close to me just broke. me. down. I am working my butt off to find work but I have to keep myself sane at the same time! So I make sure I have some fun too. It doesn't help when I have "time limits" on the computer and most apps have to be done online...just saying.
So, this post is really random but its just been a random week so far! haha Full of ups and downs already. :P Here's to a good rest of the week, for EVERYone.
Until Then.

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