Thursday, August 18, 2011


Well. I just want to let the world know that I have the greatest guy friends. haha Seriously! They know how to have fun, how to make me die laughing, let me lean on them when I want, are spontaneous and random, and so much more. I just am so lucky.

Today I spent the whole day just relaxing because I cannot breath. haha I think its just allergies but i've been so stuffed up all day. So when the guys called (Brian, Ryan, Taylor, and Dave) to see if they could hang out at my place, I was reluctant, but knew I couldn't say no. haha AND i'm glad they came! I always have a good time, even if we're watching a weird movie or something.

So tonight i'm thankful for all the guys in my life. (: This may be a CHEESY post but oh well. haha A few of them are leaving soon so I find it important to remind them of how great they are. The funnest memories I have are with all of them. I just appreciate the drama-free, fun loving attitude that all my guy friends have. It is THE best. Just sayin'.

Until Then.

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