Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Just a short post! Man, I can't believe I am officially working now! It is so exciting. I'm just overwhelmed by the amount of support I have received throughout my job search and now as I have a job.

So work today went well! It was my first day. (: I did some training, then shadowed someone being a cashier, and THEN opened my own lane and did it myself. This is proving to be a good first job for me. I get to interact with people, it goes by fairly quickly too, and its just good. It is hard sometimes being a cashier, there is so many things to remember and so many people to keep happy! haha But it'll all go well, I just know it.

Prayers are answered ladies and gentlemen. It doesn't always feel like it and sometimes we feel so lost and alone BUT it just takes time. Everything works out when it is supposed to.

Until Then.

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