Sunday, November 6, 2011


I swear, missionary letters always come when I think I need them the most. First, I really want to talk about the one from Hermana Lia.

So, Lia is one who knows about basically everything I have gone through and am currently going through. Well, at a point in her letter she said this, "...I'm so proud of you for being so strong with just about every single person you love going out to serve the Lord! I truly believe that Heavenly Father knows how supportive of a person you are, and because of that, you have so many friends who are serving missions who are gonna be using your strength and support to keep them going. Actually, I have no doubt about that. So with that being said, you're gonna be the source of saving so many souls! So thank you, so much."

I read that and almost just broke down. To hear all of that coming from HER was amazing. I look up to her so much and for her to say that she is proud of me was a big deal. Then when she said that I was a source of strength for everyone I support out there in the mission field, it definitely made me think. Like, I sometimes will break because I miss them all SO much it hurts. However, I will never tell them that because I want to always stay strong for each one out there. I want them to lean on ME when they need to. So I was just floored to hear all that from her...and she thanked me! I always thank her for what she is doing! So it never occurred to me that being supportive, which is just how I am, could be such a blessing for them. It was definitely nice to hear a different perspective even when I don't feel I deserve so much praise and such. I just love her and am so thankful to be so close to her.

Now, I got home LATE but I really felt like I needed to get the mail. So I threw my shoes back on, grabbed the key, ran myself to the mailbox, ran back, and then looked through the mail to see a letter from my best friend, Elder Ryan. (: Hearing personally from him was the best. He is doing so well! (Besides having the flu.) One of many amazing parts of this letter was when he bore his testimony in the language he is learning. I was so filled with the spirit when I read it in his new language and when he translated it for me in English. The Lord is truly with him and in everything he is doing. When you can feel the spirit reading a letter and a testimony in a language where you can't even try to pronounce the know how true the gospel is. Its truly amazing to hear all about his experiences and to see the growth in him...especially, when he hasn't been out there for a LONG time. Amazing! Truly amazing. It is such a blessing to have letters as a way of communication and a way to hold on to friendships as distance comes in-between. 

I'm filled with nothing but gratitude for missionaries, their service, their letters, and their love. What a blessing it is to be touched by their spirit. I know that what they are doing is truly the Lord's work and that so many people will come and have come unto Christ through them. Through our support they are uplifted to continue the Lord's work to bring forth the gospel to all the world. So stay strong everyone. Missionaries, friends of missionaries, and especially the families that send out these wonderful missionaries. Remember always that, missionaries leave their families (and friends!) for a little while, so that others can be with theirs for eternity. Let us always remember that, remember to see the bigger picture, and remember to be supportive even when its hard to have them so far away.

Until Then.

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