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Utah Road Trip Part 2!

On we go. (:
[[Pictures are coming! AGAIN, I am having issues with this blog website. /:]]
October 1st: So, since I had the bedroom to myself...I woke up last. haha I had an alarm set but that didn't do much. I am definitely a fan of the snooze button. I want to say I finally got up and out close to 10. So I missed a bit of the morning session of conference. For breakfast there were sticky buns (I think that is what they were called. haha) and eggs. It was very good. After breakfast, the 5 of us got ready for the afternoon session of conference. We left around noon, drove there, and parked. (the parking took a while.) As we were parking Ryan realized he had forgotten his ticket! Brian didn't have a ticket either so they were just going to stick together and either hang out outside or try to get a ticket. OK, so here is the fun part, I wore stiletto heels...and we had to WALK a while. Oh my heck, I sure hope you sensed my sarcasm in the "fun part" was not the smartest idea. BUT in my defense, I didn't know what to expect. haha We met up with everyone else that had gone up in separate cars and after some pictures walked to the conference center. The line was pretty long but it went by pretty quick. We got in there and the size of the conference center is INSANE! SO huge. I was purely amazed. Well, somehow we got to sit right up front on the side. It was pretty sweet to be so close. Now. Here is my favorite part of the day, as we are standing there chatting, taking photos, laughing, and whatnot all of a sudden the whole mood in the room changed. The prophet, Thomas S. Monson...was walking in the same room as all of us. How amazing. The silence was unbelievable. I had the chills and it is seriously the closest I have EVER felt to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, being in the presence of a living prophet. Amazing. Shortly after, David got a text from Ryan saying they found tickets and next thing we knew, they were sitting right next to us. (: Prayers are answered! It was seriously the best conference and it went by SO quick for me! I just wanted to keep hearing talks. haha
When all was said and done, we all left and headed towards temple square. We took a LOT of pictures and then decided we were all hungry. So...we walked to Carl's Jr. My feet were KILLING me but I don't like to complain so I silently went with it. haha It took us a while to get there because we were going the wrong way for a while. Finally. We arrived at Carl's. After eating, my guys went to Priesthood meeting and I went with everyone else. We went to this mall place and walked around. (by the way, Shelby let me borrow flip flops. SO thankful for that. haha) Then we drove back to Provo to a friend's apt. Hung out for a while and then went to Sammy's. The guys met us there shortly after. They left and I was with my guys and Chelsea again to enjoy 'pie shakes'. haha I personally think that is seriously the best way to eat pie since I don't like pie. haha Also, it was freeeeeezing out there and I was still in my church clothes. haha So Ryan let me use his jacket so I'd stay a bit warm. When we finished our fries and shakes, we headed back to "home". When we got there the other 3 guys were leaving and I guess I was supposed to have the bed upstairs...but I gave it to Ben and stayed downstairs with everyone. Taylor took the bed I had the previous night and went to sleep. So it was just me, David, Ryan, and Brian. David fell asleep shortly after while we stayed up. I don't know why but everything Ryan and Brian said just made me laugh! haha So we just stayed up laughing, talking, and having a great time. Finally, we all fell asleep around 3 in the morning.
October 2nd: Well. It is sad to say that we totally slept through the morning session of conference. We just had no will power to get up. haha When we finally got up we just had to hurry and get ready to go to be up there in time for the afternoon session. This time, I had extra clothes if I wanted them and FLIP FLOPS. haha I took my heels to change into once we got to the conference center. That was so much better. It didn't take us too long to get up there, park, walk to the center, and sit in there. We had balcony seats this time and we were a little late, so the prophet had already came in. Again, it was an amazing session that went by took quickly. (I'll have another post with just some notes I took during the 2 sessions.) Chelsea had planned for a picnic with us and her roommates, so we stuck with them after. We were trying to think of where to have it and thought about traffic as well. So, I suggested the Provo temple. It was good all around and we left to go there. Once we got there we had a nice picnic with delicious sandwiches. Chelsea's roommates left and we wanted to still walk around the temple grounds, so we did just that. WELL! Here is the exciting part! We saw Greg! Elder Greg Jordan. It was CRAZY! He is at the MTC right now. Seriously the best part was seeing Taylor's face! He was way more excited I think than the rest of us (and we were pretty dang excited.) It was hard though...because I couldn't hug him. :P All I could do was shake his hand. So we chatted with him a bit, met his companion, took pictures, facebooked the event, and called some family. haha It was the best. We walked with all the missionaries back the the MTC. Said goodbye again and watched him go back. It was so good to see him. (: Chelsea and Ryan wanted to hang out for a bit so the rest of us went to visit Grandpa and Grandma Casper. I love seeing family and they were so excited to meet a few of my closest friends! Uncle Matt and Gunner AND Kristy were there too. It was truly a blessing to see them. I loved every minute of it. Around 9 we said goodbye until next time and drove over to Vanessa and Jessica's place to hang out. Chelsea and Ryan came, Chelsea left a little after, and we stayed to play games. SO funny, I just watched, but everyone played 'Quelf'. Very funny. We said our goodbyes, it was close to midnight or past it, and then went back "home". So...when we got there, we weren't tired surprisingly. So what did we do? Played super smash bros. haha Well, Ran, Taylor, David, and I did. Brian knocked out REAL quick. We played, seriously, until like 4 in the morning. (: It was SO much fun!! (Beeeeeep!) I even beat David, which was a big deal. haha We just had such an awesome time that we didn't want to sleep...but eventually when we saw what time it was, we decided it was time to go to bed.
October 3rd: It was time to head home but I don't think any of us really wanted to go back. We wanted to leave by 10 a.m. but we didn't even wake up until like 9:45. So we just took our time. Got ready, ate breakfast, cleaned up the basement, left thank-you notes for the family, and packed up. On our way out, we stopped in SF to see Grandma and Grandpa Jenson (also Aunt Clea was there). It was really good to see them. While David went to fill up the car, I gave a tour of the backyard and the guys picked apples to eat. (: We went back inside and got to visit for a good hour or so. Before we left, Grandma said my Dad wanted some zucchini so we went out and picked that along with some apples. After goodbyes, we left to go eat before hitting the road. I am so glad that my family is so accepting of my friends and that everyone had a good time. For lunch we went to Sonic. Mmmm, that was so good. We ate and then left. David drove first...and we basically all fought sleep for a little bit. That didn't last very long though. Brian was out, Taylor was still eating his blue slush, I fell asleep playing with Ryan's hair, and then I think he fell asleep. haha Well when I woke up, we were in St. George. We stopped for snacks and even got a pizza! Brian and Taylor wanted to watch 'Scott Pilgrim v.s. ...something.' I can't remember that movie title. So I swapped seats with David so he could watch it as well and Ryan was driving. I stayed awake for the rest of the drive! haha You should be amazed about that. It was a fun drive back. The laptop died (or as I like to say, it blew up. haha) before they finished the movie. So we popped on some music and it was just great. Taylor kept getting nervous because Ryan would start dancing as he drove. haha I was no help since I was doing the same thing. I knew we were safe. As we approached home, we knew it was over. Everyone was dropped off and I got home around 10:30 p.m.
So that was all of it. (: It was seriously THE best road trip I have been on. It was great being with these great guys. We learned a lot about each other, broke David out of his shell, shared a wonderful spiritual experience together, and so much more. I seriously love these guys and couldn't ask for better friends. It was great to have this last big thing before we each split ways as each of us get ready for new adventures. So to David, Ryan, Brian, and Taylor (if you are to read this), thanks...for that whole trip and all the memories. You'll always be some of my closest and best friends and I am so glad we got to do that! (:
Until Then.

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