Thursday, October 13, 2011

Utah Road Trip! Part 1.

Alright, here we go!

September 29th: SO! I got picked up by David, Ryan, and Rey around 11 at night. We had to go back to David's and switch vehicles before we went and got Brian. So we did that, stopped by Ryan's house, picked up Brian, stopped at Winco for snacks, and then we were on our way! It was a fun but long drive. (I did indeed sleep most of the time. haha) Along the way, we dropped Rey off where he would be staying for the weekend.

October 30th: We got to Taylor's aunt's house around 8 in the morning. (BEFORE Taylor. haha Which is why he ditched us to ride in the other get there earlier.) So his Aunt was taking kids to school and whatnot so she told us to go on inside and Ben would show us around. We all went inside and met Ben. So Ben didn't actually live there either. haha He is in a ward in Canada where the son of Taylor's aunt is serving. She was very trusting! So awesome. (: Well, we were all exhausted so we pulled out the mats and blankets she had down stairs for us to sleep on...and knocked out on those and the couch. We finally all got up around noon. After we ate, we wanted to get our stuff out of the car and bring it inside. So we go out to get our stuff and I walk back to the house first to see that the door was shut completely...that meant we were locked out. haha (The door had a keypad lock on it.) All of us had left our phones inside too...not smart. hah WELL. Brian tried using a credit card to 'break in'. (for the record, I knew it wouldn't work and it was a pretty dumb idea. haha) Finally, we just sent Brian to use a phone at some neighbor's house where he called MY mom to get Taylor's cell number to then call him to get the code. When all was said and done, we got in the house. haha

Well after that adventure, we all decided to get ready for the day. I will admit...I did take my time getting ready. haha It was partly because I was just still tired! But anyways, Brian had to shower and whatnot after me so the rest of us played Super Smash Bros. :D So fun. haha Then we left for Provo when everyone was ready. We met up with Chelsea and she wanted us to eat at J-Dawgs. David left us and went to his Mission Reunion. Me, Ryan, Brian, and Chelsea went and ate while we waited for Taylor to meet up with us. (J-Dawgs was SO very good! BUT caution: it is entirely way too messy.)

So once Taylor got there we decided we would all go to the Hot Springs that night. So as we waited for the other groups to show up, we walked to Chelsea's to get her stuff and then walked back. Everyone was there but had other plans so we left back to go to Taylor's aunt's. We decided also to wait until David was done with his reunion to go, so we didn't leave him out. So...of course as we waited we played Super Smash Bros. hahaha (Which I am very good at, especially after this trip.) Also! One of Taylor's cousins were staying at the house with 2 of HIS friends as well. Once David showed up, we all got in our suits and stuff then headed out! On our way, we picked up Ben. The group then was: Ryan, Taylor, Brian, Ben, David, Chelsea, and I. Fun group of friends! We were ready to hike. (kinda, no one had flashlights except Ben.) It took us a while to get to the trail head, its FAR into the canyon in SF. So using cell phones and Ben's light, we were off!

The hike was about 2 1/2 miles or so and boy, was it cold. FREEZING. Well, I was anyways. Ryan and Taylor helped keep me warm part of the way. haha (when I couldn't feel my arms.) Well. We arrived at the hot springs and it was SO cool! (: They stink but after a while you don't even notice the smell. haha People that were leaving gave us their glow sticks and then we got on in the hot spring. We stayed there for a while just talking and enjoying eachother's company. I swear, the water was probably disgusting but since we couldn't really see was just fine. hah

We finally decided after a while to get out and get ready to hike back. After pictures were taken and we were all dressed/changed, we headed back. We didn't get home until like...2:00/2:30 a.m. It was pretty late. Once we were all showered and everything, we were exhausted. Since there were so many guys...Taylor's Aunt thought I would like to have a bedroom. haha We didn't know WHICH bedroom she wanted me in though. So, Ben was really nice and let me sleep in the one down stairs (where he had been) for the night. When I started settling in I noticed my rings on my hands...they were black! The hot springs tarnished them. /: I was so sad! (update: they're clean now. cleaned up just fine) Also, I looked around the room and for some reason there were containers full of bugs! Freaked me out. haha I finally got to sleep around 3:30.

The rest will come soon, hopefully tomorrow I'll finish. (:
Until Then.

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