Sunday, October 9, 2011


So, I promise I am getting to the Utah post but this one first. Well I have learned that sometimes you just can't help the feeling of being lonely. Especially, when you feel like that in a room full of people.
In life people come and go, people change, people grow apart from each other, and so on. It is just how it goes. Sometimes no matter what you do those things still happen because people CHANGE. People change in personality, they grow up, or maybe they just change how they act around certain people and when its just the two of you.
I've been through it all. I've seen all of this before. I am seeing it now.
I have so many thoughts about everything right now that I can't even think on just this one topic for this post. Its insane. I'm just tired...of a lot of things. Not just physically tired, I'm all sorts of tired. So tired in every way that my head is starting to goodnight.
Until Then.

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