Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ONE more post.

Besides my post about drama. :P Which can just stop anytime...
And besides my Utah post. (:

Alright. I got an e-mail from Macys to scedule an interview! OH boy, am I excited. I reallllllly want it to work out! I've tried so HARD to find a job so I really want this. I sceduled it for May 3rd! OH my goodness, I could cry right now I am so happy. I mean its not positive that I will get it but I have faith and the will to try my hardest. I finally can start saving up for school! Once I get a job, I am going to make it a goal NOT to complain about any of it. FORreal. I always find that hard to handle, when people that have jobs complain about them or anything like that, when there are people like me trying to find work. Its tough out there. I hope with all i've got, that this works! OR that a friend helping me get a job at Toys R Us could work! (: I also know many others looking for jobs, I pray you all find something soon. <3

Until Then.

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