Saturday, April 23, 2011


Remember what this time is REALLY about. I won't lie, I do enjoy the traditions like coloring easter eggs and getting new dresses. However, we need to all make sure the reasons why we love this great day are related more to our Savior. He gave himself for us so that we may return to him.

I wanted to include an article from the ensign but my internet is running quite slow. :P SO. May I urge you to go to and watch "His Sacred Name: An Easter Declaration", its not very long and it is truly AMAZING.

My family and I get to have to missionaries over for dinner on Easter (tomorrow). I am so excited! haha
1. We haven't had missionaries over in a while.
2. The spirit they bring into a home is amazing.
3. I get to make dinner. (:
Well, I wish you all a wonderful Easter day. May the Savior remain in your thoughts the whole day through.

Until then.

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