Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I don't like...

drama. END of story. I'm serious! Its just really lame to have drama among "adults". It makes me feel like I am back in High School and is a big reason I wanted out of here. I never had drama in HS. never. ever. I did not tolerate being apart of it and I still cannot. Its funny, the people who say "I hate drama! blah blah blah", they are usually the cause of it. Stop saying it for everyone to hear and say it to yourself, quietly and ponder it. SO. That you can realize that you need to believe it for yourself. No one like being apart of all the crap and bad attitudes in the world, that is why we come to eachother...to feel SAFE. Think about that, next time you get angry at something, judged something, saw something completely WRONG, and make up crap. I just cannot do this anymore. I am sweet and nice all the time. I will even ignore if you say things behind my back, unless you are spreading rumors. BUT once you hurt my BEST friends and take them into your dramatic life and stuff...oooh, you better pray I do not go off on you or do something.

Well thats the end of that. I do not like having posts like this. I enjoy being upbeat and myself but sometimes I cannot get this stuff out unless I write it or something. SO. There it is. haha

I will end saying, a lot of drama starts from misunderstanding and lack of communication, in judgement and fear, and maybe from being immature. BUT with anything, prayer can help heal hurt and pains of drama. "I have learned that the Savior can heal wounded hearts, misunderstanding, and hatred if we look to His word and His atonement." -Yoshihiko Kikuchi, "The Healer's Art". Through Him, all things are possible.

Until Then.

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