Wednesday, September 7, 2011



$175 retainer...broken.

So, how did I start my morning? By being woken up with this put in my face. Tay found my retainer on the stairs like this.
I take FULL responsibility for it, even though I don't know how it broke...or how it even got there. Last night I had an awful headache so I didn't put my retainer in and forgot I left it on the table. I only wear it at night and so now my worst fear is that my teeth will move. THAT is one of my top fears. 3 years of braces sucked that much. :P
Anyways. From there my day went down hill. Ortho didn't answer OR call me back after 3 messages. They really stink at that, I think a new receptionist is in order. haha Everything just kinda hit the fan today.
But out of everything, going forward just to get knocked back is making me a stronger person. I may not feel strong right now but I know that the Lord wouldn't put me through these trials if He knew I couldn't make it through. SO. With that, I know I can get through everything. Through this retainer mess, through not having a job yet, through still being in Moval when I so want to be out, through having to say goodbye to my best friend and friends for 2 years, and so on. I will get through everything and I will come out of it stronger than ever. I will continue learning through this all. I will make it. I will.
Well, i'm exhausted. SO drained today. I always hear that when you have a terrible day you should just sit and thing about the things you WERE grateful for through out the day. So here we go:
1. Friends that make me laugh.
2. Self Control, I'd hate to just have cried all day so i'm glad I didn't.
3. Big long hugs that make me feel like everything is better for at least that moment.
4. INSTITUTE. It was a blessing that it started tonight.
5. make-up. haha Yep.
6. Food. Although, I hardly had an appetite today.
7. The scriptures.
8. Prayer.
9. The sunshine.
10. Hot showers and music.
and finally:
11. My Heavenly Father and Christ...and the trust they have in me.
Things will all work out in time. Everything happens for a reason. I understand it all one day.
Until Then.

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