Friday, December 23, 2011


I love when that moment comes where its not worth it to make things up anymore or hide anything or deny it. I love heart to heart talks. I love when the only thing you care about is being honest and its now or never.

In life, we are sometimes blessed with second chances. A second chance to mend a friendship, say what our heart so longed to say before, be a better person, and so on. These second chances don't come easy or often though...thats why they are a blessing and when they come, you better be honest. Be honest with yourself and the others involved.

Life is about taking risks. Its about finding yourself and finding another to complete you. Its about being honest, especially to those that mean the most to you. Its all about the little things. Its all about being willing to take a chance when you've got it.

So here is to taking chances, taking risk, and living. Live everyday the best you can. Live with your whole heart, a sound mind, and a strong soul. Live to enjoy the journey as you endure to the end.

Until Then.

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