Thursday, July 28, 2011


SO. It has been a busy past week. (since last wednesday).
July 20th - Driving test and BI that night. It was fun! After the dissapointment of not passing my driving test, I really appreciated a night out with the ladies.
21st -
22nd - Double date night. Me and Landon with Ryan and Haley. It was a LOT of fun! We went down to Balboa beach to eat at Rubys. (Which I have never been to before) Then just walked on the beach for a while. (Which I love doing. haha) AND then, to Landon's for movies. After a couple of movies we went home. It was a good night. (:
23rd - Taylor's Birthday! So a bunch of us went to go see HARRY POTTER 7 PART 2! Holy moly. It was SO good! :D I still canNOT believe it is over. Ah, that was a good childhood. haha
OH! and I got another letter from an Elder Eric Johansen that day too. (:
24th - Pioneer day. haha Well, it was a nice relaxing day. Church was great, my Dad spoke in sacrament, and it was an all around good day.
25th - F.H.E. We played Volley Ball, which surprisingly, I really enjoyed this time! I want to play again and hopefully keep getting better. haha THEN a bunch of us (me, Kelsey, Phil, John, Taylor, Matt, Greg [for a little], Shelby [who was hurt and still playing!], and Joseph), stayed after to keep playing volleyball, which turned into Jump Rope with the net, and then indoor soccer. haha It was an eventful night! Got my workout. haha However, when we left to go to the cars we had a situation. Poor Rachael's window was busted and her purse was stolen. /: So we hung out with her until it was all figured out and we all left together. After THAT, haha a few of us went to John's house to hang out before calling it a night.
26th - Relaxed and did chores around the house. Nothing too exciting.
27th - Me, Mia, Kylie, and some of Mia's work friends actually went to the BI again! haha It was fun to go dancing again. (:
Now here we are, the 28th. July is almost over! In between all the things I talked about doing in the past week, I have applied for MANY more jobs and started the application process for a couple of schools here in CA. (: Its been good! Tonight the YSAs are going to the temple. I am quite excited. It'll be a good night.
Until Then.

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  1. 21st - I couldn't remember what I did. But now, I think I just almost all day. haha