Sunday, January 1, 2012


“In three words I can sum up what I know about life: It goes on.” — Robert Frost.
It. Goes. On. How amazing. Those three simple words hold so much wisdom. Its great knowing that after this year of trials, of heartache, of people coming and going, of happiness and triumph, and everything else...that is goes on. It goes on to be a new year full of hope and potential.

I hardly have the talent of Robert Frost to just simply sum things up and besides, 2011 was too big to just sum up in a few words. In 2011, I was everywhere. Literally. I grew closer to my best friends, they were my solid ground when I grew weary through the challenges. My best friends went on Missions. One returned and although he should be out there, I'm sure thankful to have him here. I learned to trust even more in Heavenly Father because thats all I could do last year. I grew closer to my family for they are truly the most constant people in my life and I love them dearly. I got rejected from a school I thought was my next move, I got a JOB at Target, I met some great new people, I saw other lives change, I went on a roadtrip with friends, I went to conference, I visited Utah on my own just to see my family, I went to the US Surf Open, I went to the beach in general a lot more than years before, I experienced loss once again with 3 of my dearest pets, I felt feelings deeper for another but also had to get over them over and over again...I got my license, I got into a car accident, and I turned 20.

I learned to live in the moment. I learned to appreciate letters so much more. I learned to get out of my comfort zone. I learned to trust my heart more. I learned even more to speak my mind. I learned to speak up and be honest with things that are going on. I learned, and this is big, that sometimes it is okay to cry...just a little bit. haha I learned that things in life aren't always going to go as planned...because last year was just one beautiful unplanned mess. Seriously. There are definitely two things I learned: Life is messy and Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

So with that. Here is to 2012. Here is to loving more deeply, speaking up, to not fighting feelings anymore, to just going with it, to taking chances, to having more faith, and to being who you truly are each and every day. Here is to accepting that life doesn't always go as planned but being thankful for another day to figure it out. My only New Year's Resolution, so far, is just this: To figure life out. Basically, to continue just finding myself and my place in this world. Maybe this year will bring me love, maybe it will bring more tears, more joy, or new people but I know this. I am not alone in this journey and I am not only enduring but ENJOYing the ride we all call life.

Until Then.

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