Sunday, August 5, 2012


So much has happened and I hardly have time to really get on here and blog anymore.

Well here is a list of whats gone on in the last, lets say, 2 months.
I got my wisdom teeth out.
Spent 4th of July in Idyllwild with family.
Celebrated 6 months with Scott (even though we were apart).
Went to Girls Camp as a MAC again!
Lost a good man in the ward.
Got a letter from Elder TaylorShumway!! (and one everyday at camp from Scott!)
Zack is now 12. :D
Gone to the beach only a couple of times.
Spent the last 2 months mainly with Tay.
Thought about a gym membership...I need it.
Got trained in Guest Services at Target so I now work over there and cashier.
Scott's papers are almost being submitted...
Taylee lost her little hamster, Calvin.
She got a new one that she named Hobbes...but I don't like him as much. haha
Had a lot of wars with ants. -___-
Went to a wedding of a good friend and looking foward to the next few.
Kissed Scott under fireworks. ♥
Had no car all summer...
Attempted to learn stick shift...sucked. haha
Scott moved into the Johnsons and its the best.
Spent a night with their WHOLE family, it was great.
So thats most of what I can remember doing off the top of my head. Its just been crazy lately with work and everything. I need to get grounded again and begin reading my scripture, once again, every night or morning. Life is too short. Its important to remember what is REALLY necessary. Love everyone, show you care, pray for others, be a shoulder to someone who needs someone to lean on, and so on. Life is beautiful, it really is, so let''s try our best to keep it that way.

Until Then.

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