Monday, August 20, 2012

1 2 3.

SO, this post will be about 3 things. I am clearly stating them so I don't get off topic. haha I do that sometimes.

1. Wes Hunter.
2. Needing Advice.
3. Montana
1. Wes. Such an amazing man. His funeral was recently and it was incredible to see everyone who came for him and his family. He was such a loved man and there are hardly enough words to describe him in a way that he deserves. He was kind to all who knew him and those he hardly knew. He was a friend to all, a missionary, a loving father and husband, and an inspiration. When I was pretty lost after graduating high school he was one man, the only person really, who didn't belittle me or pressure or bug me about ANYthing, he just said "come to my class"...and I did. When I wasn't going to other wards, I went to his class 2nd hour. He was such a great teacher. It was all stuff I pretty much knew but to hear it from a different point of view was great. Finally, I am so thankful for the impact he made on my truly wonderful boyfriend. He taught Scott more than I think anyone will ever be able to teach him. He helped him, guided him, built him up, and was another Dad to him. I will always have a special place in my heart for Wes Hunter and the ways he helped us in our times of need.

2. Advice. I hardly as for advice but I'm always here to give it. Its just how I am but today, I'm asking. If anyone reads this, advice is much appreciated. I've known something about another person for quite some time. Its not some random person, its a person close to me and its not something that's small, its a big issue. I've recently learned that its gotten worse and it seems that whenever this person is around, they're addicted to like their phone that has access and whatnot. I don't know if that makes sense but I don't want to give it all away. Anyways, its something that can make a big difference if brought to the surface I think and not in a good way. SO, saying that, I do not know what to do. I do not know who to go to or even what to say when I get to someone. So...advice?

3. Montana! I always have to leave this on a good note. (: WELL! More exciting news, Scott and I are going to Montana! I'm so thrilled to meet all of his family (I hope they like me!), to see where he grew up, and see why he loves it there so much. We're going in October so its just a little bit away. We will be traveling to Utah first with Robert, drop him off, and then head on up the rest of the way! We will also have Scott's dog Jake...that will be an adventure. haha I'm giving up my place in the front seat already. We'll stay up there for a couple of weeks to meet everyone, go hunt (mainly Scott will go hunt. haha), and lots of other stuff. haha I've never been so excited for a road trip (besides for General Conference)! So that's all for that. (:

With all that going on and everything else in my life, I always find myself going back to this quote:

"Keep trying. Be believing.
Be happy!
Don't get discouraged.
Things will work out." - Gordon B. Hinckley."

Sounds good to me Gordon B. Hinckley...sounds good to me.
Until Then. ♥

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