Wednesday, February 15, 2012


OH my goodness. Valentine's day was so fun. I spent most of the day just doing things around the house. Did all my laundry, cleaned the kitchen, snacked on Nutella, and got ready for the night because I had a date. (:

So the other night I had to sign (Yuko too) a "contract" for this Valentine's Day date. Well, it had me a little worried to be honest. haha But it was funniest and cutest thing. Scott picked me up close to 5 and we headed over to Dylan's to meet up with them. Once we were all there, we took off...Yuko and I were still clueless. WELL. We ended up at a Salvation Army in Perris (or Riverside...I didn't know where we were. haha) This is when they told us we'd be picking outfits for them and they would be doing the same for us...we would then continue to put each other's picks on and wear them for the night. Needless to say, Yuko and I were not any way. haha We didn't know what to choose because there wasn't a huge selection for guys and they were all boring. We just went with getting them vests (and soon regretted that we only got them those). Scott got me this disgusting green tank top turtle neck, with an old patterned jacket, a camo hat (so gross), and what appeared to be a shiny-pink-race-car-looking-jacket. That pink thing turned out to be like a Halloween costume that I had to put my legs through and put on. SO UGLY. hahaha It was awful! I won't lie, I was a little peeved. haha I mean it was a hilarious idea and way interesting...but I worked hard on picking the right outfit out for the night. haha Then Yuko had this little girl looking striped t-shirt, an old lady hat, and this floral jacket with HUGE sleeves. haha It was just not good.

We then proceeded to go to dinner...looking like we did. We went to this little hole in the wall restaurant for some 'italian' food. It was really good! I enjoyed it. (: After that we ended up at Fiesta Village for some lazer tag. (Mind you, we still look ridiculous and yes, we got a lot of weird looks.) Scott and I KILLED it. haha We so won that with a score of 4,025. :D It was pretty fun. Now one of the best parts happened after that...Dylan said we could change back for the next event. SO. Exciting. You may ask why we just refused to wear those outfits. Well you see, we were under that "contract". haha It was a pretty legit thing. Anyways. We changed in the car on the way to our next event.

The next event was seeing..."The Vow"! OH my, I was excited. (and rightfully so, the movie was AMAZING!!) We got there a little early so Scott and I went and took pictures in the photo booth there, that was funny. haha Scott was so confused as to where to look and whatnot, it was so cute. haha We then went to walk around, get our tickets, and go in the theater. We were still too early to go sit so me and Scott went and played a hunting game (where you shoot dinos...ahaha). THEN, Scott plays a claw game which I swear don't work, until now, because he won an i-pod shuffle. Yep. haha We went back to the line to talk and then finally it was time to go in. Scott got me some Hot Tamales, the sure way to my heart. haha We watched the movie which like I said before was amazing. I loved it. (: Then went back home. Said goodnight to Dylan and Yuko then went off to have some time together. It was such a great day/night. That's forsure.

It may have started out rocky with the whole outfit thing BUT it was an all around good time. I won't soon forget it, nor would I want to. I have the greatest boyfriend...I really do.

Until Then.

p.s. We have plans for today too! :D

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