Thursday, February 17, 2011

my little buddy, Blackie.

My mom woke me up this morning crying and told me that someone hit Blackie last night...he didn't make it. ): Years ago I found this little guy at the mailbox. He was all sickly looking and very timid. So everyday i'd go out there and sure enough he'd be over by the mailbox. Eventually, I got him to trust me and brought him home. Thats what we do in my house. (: hah. We cleaned him up and got him all happy. Fed him and then since then, he was OURS. Never left our house. I remember him following me around the block but getting scared by cars, racing to the mailbox, him meeting me at the car of whoever was dropping me off, him JUMPing on the hood of the car and staring at us to get out, his MEOW...he had a DISTINCT meow haha, cuddling with him on the couch, and more. He was a good cat. A good little buddy. I can't believe he is gone.

I miss you Blackie. You'll forever be in my heart. I know you never like Tiger...hahaha BUT take care of eachother up there in Heaven. Until then.

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