Thursday, November 4, 2010


I can't believe how much I let this slide /: It makes me sad. I want to post more! BUT i've been so busy. Getting ready for my trip and all. SO. for now, i will post this poem i wrote the other night.

No Hope.

"I feel so lost,
in this sea of emotion.
I hold onto the mast,
on this ship in the ocean.

The compass is gone,
there is no hope of returning.
As I tighten my grip and hold on.
There is only yearning.

I yearn for some help,
I just need to be heard.
But as I yell, no words can escape.
These tears that i've cried, have not helped, only allowed me to yelp.
hardly a cry for help out,
but my voice has been buried,
in this world full of doubt.

The waves are crashing against me,
The anchor holding my ship is breaking,
and all i can see,
is the darkness surrounding.

Where is that help, i so desperately need?
that gentle hand to reach out and grab me,
to bring me to shore,
and listen as I cried,
To tell me "no more".

"For it will be alright,
can you not see the light?
Why, there it is at the end of tunnel
and with hope, my friend,
we will get though this hell"

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